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Explore the world, with a brand new horizon.

We believe are one of the most strongest standing virtual airlines with the most sophisticated PIREP tracking system, a combination that is rare to find.

Are you tempted?

Good Day Captain!

This is the Founder / CEO of Skydream Airlines, allow me to give you a very-short description about us, We operate on three ethical principles:

Realism, our flight schedules and NOTAMS are always updated with the data provided at flightaware.net.

Professionalism, let it be with flying the Aircraft, or Evaluation of a Pilot Report, we push the boundaries by taking real world factors into account to make it maximum professional.

Innovation, we believe we have one of the worlds most sophisticated PIREP and Flight Tracking system, it doesn't just stop there, our tech team's horizon keeps expanding into the day.

I invite you to take a peek at the inner workings, do you believe in love at first sight? Welcome to iCrew v4. See you soon Captain!

Frédéric-Oliver DUCHEMIN,
Founder / CEO,
Skydream Airlines

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Your Journey to a Skydream Airlines Cockpit
Entrance Examination 10 Multiple Choice questions about IFR Operations, Metrology, Airmanship and Navigation.
70% is required to pass.

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Airbus A318


Airbus A319


Airbus A320


Airbus A321


Airbus A330-200


Airbus A330-300


Airbus A340-300


Airbus A340-600

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1914 PIREPs filed
1049 Schedules
533 Airports
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